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Quotes from mothers in the program. 

"For me, this program is making a very beautiful experience."

“He is not anymore shy. Now he is friendly, play and share nice with other children.”

“Now my son loves books.”

“My son always asks questions about what is in the book.  At bedtime, he pretends to be reading.”

“She asks when is Saturday to come to the school.”

“I’ve learned how to be patient with my baby, how to understand her better and show her love and teach her.”


“I love this program!”


“My son understand how is school.”


“I have changed and so has my child.”


“If I knew what I know now, I would have raised my older son differently.”


“The communication between me and my son has been the most important thing I’ve learned.”


“You have given me light in how to teach my baby.”


“My toddler cried the whole of the first session. Now he is laughing and enjoying himself.  So am I!”


“We did not have books in our home.”


“I gain knowledge to be better parent.”

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