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Main takeaways for this week ...


Introducing babies to books

Why it’s important to know:

• Babies' facility with language improves by hearing and copying sounds, being able to recognize images and hearing words repeated.

• Each time they hear a story, new word, or make a connection between an image and a word, they are building neural connections and building their brain.

Summary of how to introduce babies to books

. Create a routine. e.g. Before a nap, or after bath and before bed, sit together and read.

. Use different tones of voice to make it fun

. Talk about the pictures and point to things while saying the words




childrens books
The Roots of Learning Language

Why it’s important to know

• Growing up with more than one language has many benefits. Research shows that bilingual children have higher levels of empathy..

• Once children start school, it's important to work together with their teachers so they can grow up with both languages strongly developed.

Summary of  how to build language:

• Repeat words for things you see every day

• If your child points at something, follow it, and give them the word for it

• If your child is showing an emotion, give them the word for the emotion





Craft: Paper plate frog with curly tongue

Cute Toddler

Why it’s important to know

• Parents have a tremendous impact on raising a child with a healthier brain. Building up a habit of using positive parenting tools enables children to grow up with greater confidence, motivation, self-esteem and resilience.

Summary of  how to build a healthier brain:

• Understand that the babies brain is soaking up information all the time. Model behaviors you want them to adopt.

•  Know that brains are immature - the emotional part develops first, with the logical part developing throughout the child's life. Parents can help their children learn to understand and manage their feelings when they can give them words. Also important for parents to model self-regulation. How do they handle a bad day?

•  Looking for - and most importantly - acknowledging positive behaviors. When do they try hard? When are they curious, focussed, etc?  




CRAFT: Have an image of the brain. Have parents color in the limbic area and the pre-frontal cortex to learn basic understanding for developing brains.

Boy Playing with Abacus


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