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Talk, Sing + Point

Why it’s important to know

• Time spent with children, especially one-on-one time, builds connection. It shows the child that their carer values them and enjoys being with them.

• Talking, singing and pointing all work to expand a child's vocabulary

• When a child has words to use, or can use pointing as a strategy to communicate, they are less likely to use tantrums as a means of communication.

Summary of  how to talk, sing + point:

•  Talk with them. Be aware of your tone of voice.  Try to have a playful, calm tone.

•  Use real words.

•  Sing.  This is a great way for children to learn sentence structure and new vocabulary.

•  Use any language; ask questions; listen and respond with questions




Mother and Baby Exercising
Building Language from Birth

Why it’s important to know:

Children learn language through day-to-day interactions and experiences they have with the with the adults that care for them.

When children start learning language at an early age, they will have greater ease learning other languages as they grow.  It's also a great way to communicate what matters to your family in terms of values, beliefs, traditions and expected behaviors.


Summary of how to talk:

•Sing songs, especially ones that repeat.

•Make sure to tell them what you are doing or what is happening.

•Make sure to praise positive behaviors





CRAFT: Reading wands

Mother and Baby
Dual Language Development

Why it’s important to know

• Growing up with more than one language has many benefits. Research shows that bilingual children have higher levels of empathy..

• Once children start school, it's important to work together with their teachers so they can grow up with both languages strongly developed.

Summary of  how to raise bilingual children:

• Read books in the second language

• Have music playing, sing ... if child watches tv, give access to shows in second language.





Craft: Popsicle stick people to learn parts of body; pipe cleaner for hair; foam stickers for buttons 

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby
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